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In order to ensure complete transparency and a tension free holiday to all our guests we expect, hope and consider that you have read and agreed upon these “House Rules and Policies” and your booking with us is consent to adhere to these rules and guidelines.

  • CBB (Camp Bir Billing) is located in a tranquil and pristine setting. Looking at the ambiance of our campsite it’s imperative to keep it free from noise pollution to maintain its natural form. Hence, playing loud music (inside or outside), partying inside the forest or in farms and shouting in the tents, restaurants and common areas are forbidden. OUR SILENT HOURS START AT 10:30PM AND RUN TILL 6:30AM IN MORNING. Only on special occasion, we allow musical/DJ nights till the statutory hours.
  • All our Swiss cottage tents are hand crafted and are made of Cotton mix Fabric and PVC canopy which are highly inflammable, so LIGHTING ANY FIRE ITEMS in tents or outside (other than the designated areas) is STRICTLY PROHIBITED, without any relaxation for your own and our safety. Any damage caused because of any such activity will be quite high and will be charged to the guests. There is no exception to this rule at any point of time.
  • CBB is an Eco Camp site, restaurant is a hand crafted wooden and mud structure and a hundred year plus restored traditional architect marvel and is made using local material. Hence to retain its true eco spirit and traditional vibe, we request all our guests to respect the local touch, theme and material used and not to maltreat or damage any of CBB’s asset, infrastructure, paintings or artefacts.
  • Guests need to accompany their kids and be careful and vigilant all the time while in open areas, hiking or enjoying swings to avoid any unwanted incident. Kids are strongly advised not to venture alone (without being accompanied by any responsible elder) into the open areas, hills, forest and onto the farms. CBB will not be responsible for any loss/damage caused because of negligence of the guests.
  • CBB does not have central air conditioning system, as it is naturally insulated and ventilated. We provide fans in tents during summers and electrical blankets to make it cosier during winters. If any essential item is not placed in your room, please feel free to request our service staff for the same. We do not charge extra for essentials.
  • We at CBB have NO ROOM SERVICE and insist on dining in our beautifully done low sitting restaurant to enjoy the freshness of authentic food, ambiance of traditional serving and to relish the overall feel. We request and encourage all our guests to take meals at our restaurant only, unless there is some medical, age or other compelling reason.
  • WE DO NOT SERVE ALCOHOL or any alcoholic products.
  • Bonfire is permitted only in open and designated area to preserve the sanity of place. In case of rain or storm, these services will be suspended without pre-information.
  • SMOKING in the tents, restaurant, lounge areas or at any other shared premises is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Although you may use the designated areas for your craving smoking needs.
  • We have a wide of variety of flowers, organic herbs and vegetables in and around the camp site. Touching and plucking is prohibited all around the place and in the farms.
  • We are very private in our location. Other than locals no trespasser is allowed into the campsite. Still we advise all our guests to take care of their belongings. We will not be responsible for any loss or theft of valuables in case left open, unsecured or unattended. Although, it has never ever happened here, so far.
  • DOING LAUNDRY and drying any sort of clothes is FORBIDDEN to maintain the decency of CBB. For any such needs, we have in-house laundry service available.
  • While using the common indoor areas we urge our guests to remove their footwear as it would be more convenient to use the low sitting arrangement and to maintain hygiene. Also, traditionally in Pahari region people never wear shoes in the upper storey of the house which generally hosts the kitchen and other sitting areas.
  • Please do not dump any form of plastic or any other waste in open, forest, the mountains or while on the trek. Please avoid throwing tissue papers, pads or anything in toilet which might block them, instead use dust bins placed all around the property.
  • Please contribute your bit to Mother Nature by turning off the lights, fan, exhaust, tap or shower when not in use.
  • We expect and request all our guests to maintain decorum during their stay by respecting privacy and patterns of other guests to maintain the overall theme of CBB, “one touch of nature makes the whole world kin”.
  • Bathroom amenities are changed once they are exhausted and we source these from one of the finest chemical free toiletries’ manufacturers. Linen and towels are changed on alternate days (unless there is a specific requirement). We also respect your decision if you don’t wish to change your linen to preserve water and natural sources.
  • Any soiling/spoiling of linen or any breakage of items in the property shall be liable to be paid directly by the guests as per the prevailing and advised charges by the management.
  • We suggest our guests to keep the doors and windows closed when venturing out of the tent for sight-seeing, walks or hiking to avoid entering of any fauna as we are amid the Mother Nature.
  • In monsoon season, the nearby grassland and forest gets infected by various species of parasites and worms, especially leeches. Guests are advised to take precautions as advised by the CBB team while venturing out.
  • In case any of our guests do not honour and wish to flaunt non-compliance to these rules, CBB reserve all the rights to cancel or amend your stay or booking and ask you to leave the campsite. We will also charge penalty for damaging, breaking, spoiling/soiling or disturbing any items or any guests of the property.
    Rules and Guidelines are not to bind and scare you but to make your stay more enjoyable without worrying about the nuisances and to provide holistic experience to every guest. We hope you will abide by them and help us make your stay more comfortable.

Covid-19 Update

At CBB, we place the highest emphasis on the safety and wellbeing of our guests with exacting standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Keeping in mind the risks associated with COVID 19 and as per MHA/Tourism guidelines, we have implemented a number of additional measures.
  • All touch points in public areas like door handles, counter tops, table tops, railings, etc. are cleaned continuously using recommended sanitiser/disinfectant.
  • Restaurant, lounge areas and tents have been configured to ensure safe distances are maintained between guests.
  • Temperature readings of guests are taken at the entrance. Temperature readings of the staff members are also taken at regular intervals. If any of the parameters for our guests or staff members are not normal, a medical examination/assistance is provided immediately.
  • Masks and disposable gloves are being worn by all team members at all times and changed frequently. Housekeeping staff use fresh gloves for every room they service.
  • For the safety of our guests, tents will be sanitised after guests check out, kept vacant for 48 hours and then allocated.
  • Protocols are in place for staff in the kitchen and restaurants to sanitise their hands every time they serve food or touch food related items.
  • Updated and detailed cleaning checklists, including the use of professionally identified chemicals and agents for all areas, including laundry, are being followed and monitored closely.
  • All supplies and materials are sanitised before being admitted into the campsite.
  • Hand sanitisers are placed in all tents and at all common areas including the entrance.
  • Luggage is disinfected before entering the campsite.
Our staff members have welcomed these initiatives, with none of our team members testing positive for COVID-19. We hope you will appreciate the measures we are taking for your safety and will co-operate.