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Traditional and Authentic:

Surrounded by acres of wild forest and under the dome of a starlit sky, CBB takes pride on indoor as well as outdoor dining experiences where guests relish the local food while engaging in the gossip and reliving the adventures of the day.

All our dining areas are low sitting to give you a feel of local culture. Although we have chair and table arrangement as well for those who can’t afford to sit because of physical reasons.

Dining experience at the CBB reverberates with the eclectic taste of the traditional food of the area. The cuisine combines sumptuous breakfast and traditional dinner cooked and served over the brass utensils and cooked over clay ovens. Moreover, the nourishing home-grown ingredients handpicked from Organic Herb/Vegetable Garden and from the nearby farms are guaranteed to open the guests' taste buds to an entirely new gastronomic experience.

Where would you like to dine:

There are two dining areas at CBB (Camp Bir Billing) named Machan and Mehfil. Machan, on the upper storey of the Main Building (hundred plus years old marvel) is a retreat within a retreat; perfect to unwind, relax and eat while enjoying the mesmerising view of the paragliding landing site and the scenic Kangra valley through the traditional windows. Mehfil, the main dining area is the cosy one inside heritage building.

Round the clock lighting adorns the pathways. Bonfire is lit every night in the Patio area in winters. Take a seat by the Bukhari (fireplace) in the Mehfil hall or by the bonfire in the outside, where you can also enjoy folk music or the live performances.

Meals can also be arranged in more secluded areas of the Camp like on sundeck, in fields, in meadows or alone in the middle of nowhere for those looking to spend a more private evening by themselves on special occasions. We can pamper you to any extent.

May we offer a little persuasion?

We also have our own dedicated wood fired traditional Chullah area where you can relish the pure local way of cooking with local herbs and can try your own hand as well.

Live cooking sessions in which guests are invited to participate is an enduring feature of CBB camp life and one of the most relaxing ways to round off a day after tracking wildlife, paragliding, trekking, cycling or hiking in the jungle. Learn how to make and brew the famous local Kangra tea. Try the traditional Rara style mutton cooked on the Chullah, simmering with wood fire.

You will never run out of surprises here at CBB, it’s our promise.