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Being there done that:

Few friends, after spending decades in their respective professional fields and travelling across the world, found reconnect to their roots in the stunning Bir area of Kangra Valley because of their love for paragliding, off roading, biking, trekking, travel and a never die passion to explore. Hence, started a love affair with this place at Bari, just 4km up from the world’s best Paragliding site at Bir in the form of glamping at CBB (Camp Bir Billing).

As a host and as a friend, it’s our commitment to let you relax and enjoy the best moments of life in and around CBB. We not only have the most luxurious infrastructure based out here at CBB but most importantly we are proud of having delivered numerous unforgettable Himalayan travel and adventure experiences to the complete joy and satisfaction of an ever-increasing family of CBB guests.

Create memories which you will relish now and forever, here at this mini paradise called CBB which we want to share and enjoy with other like-minded travellers.

Live every moment:

CBB (Camp Bir Billing) is not just about the most scenic and luxurious location in entire region but it is about enjoying the amazing sunrise, sunsets and moon lit nights, exploring pristine meadows & untouched destinations, hiking through lesser known trails, relishing authentic food and experiencing a friendly hospitality.

The dense Deodar, Ban and Rhododendron forests give a feeling of freshness, tranquillity and peace. Small treks through them are rejoicing and rejuvenating for the soul.

Paragliders flying overhead all day long give an extra charm and excitement and it is a delight to watch them land down there at the landing site surrounded by lush green paddy fields. A serene and panoramic view of the most scenic and historic Kangra valley at night is breathtaking.

Watching the lights of human habitats in the far-flung valley villages coupled with starlit nights is mesmerising. We can guarantee that at CBB you will find a view that a camera can never capture.

Experiences that linger, often forever.

At CBB (Camp Bir Billing) we have not tampered with the nature nor have we compromised on our philosophy of protecting and promoting the ecology, flora and fauna, local culture and traditions. We have even tried to maintain the Pahari (hilly) architectural integrity of our main building (over 100 years old) hosting the restaurants, reception and office.

The history and idea of this camp site imbibes the love for nature and culture. The inhabitants of this village are the native Gaddis (shepherds) with a lot of cultural uniqueness and legacy. You can witness the untarnished natural beauty of the Himalayas as well as the timeless culture & traditions of its inhabitants. Although you won’t be hunting in the adjoining forests as the Maharajas used to do, but you will still experience a lifestyle as opulent and elegant as enjoyed by them here at CBB.